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Guitarist / MD / Producer
| Tennessee

As a full time Musician, Songwriter, and Producer who cares deeply about how my content sounds and feels, I rely on my gear heavily day in and day out.

Marino Custom Cables are known for making really good stuff, and after using them, I get why.

These cables aren’t just thrown together in some random factory. They’re made by hand with top-notch materials, so they don’t mess with my sound quality, color my tone, or give out when I need them the most. Whether I’m playing live or recording in the studio, Marino Customs cables give me the confidence that my sound will come through clean and clear every time the way I hear it in my head.

Mike Bereal

Keyboardist and Producer

Santa Clarita, California

Justin Raines

Teacher / Bassist for Israel Houghton, Ne-Yo, William McDowell, Tasha Cobbs-Leondard, & others

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

"After years and years of searching for the right instrument and computer cable, I finally found it...Marino Customs makes the best quality, the most quiet, and the most durable cables out of all other companies. The design of the cable sets the bar high..."

"I'm so blessed to be a part of such an amazing company. Finding the right cables is a task but with Marino I have everything I need. From instrument, studio, to VLOG...Marino has me covered!"

Erick Walls

Grammy Award Winning Musician / Guitarist & Producer / Member of BLACK WAAT3R
Artists Played For: Michael Jackson, Beyonce, Rihanna, Black Eyed Peas, Toni Braxton, Usher, John Legend, Chris Brown, The Dixie Chicks, The Isley Brothers, Megan Trainor

Kerry Marshall.JPG
Kerry "2Smooth" Marshall

Guitarist for Tori Kelly, Sean Kingston, Ty Dolla $ign, Jason Derulo, & others

Los Angeles, California

"Having been a professional musician for decades, I've used most every brand of cable that there is. I can honestly say Marino cables are the best! They provide the reliability I require from stage to studio, and from church, clubs to arenas!"

"Seriously the best cables I’ve ever owned. I never have to worry about them buzzing on stage or even after I play not folding up nicely as I put them away. And the pop of color on stage which is a conversation starter every time I play."

Daniel Bernard

Drummer and YouTuber

Houston, Texas

Ken Diggs.jpg
Kenneth "Kaybass" Diggs

Bassist in the band 40hz

Atlanta, Georgia

"Headphone extensions are something you don't really think about until they go out, then it's the WORST (I know, I've gone through several). Yes, it may do the same thing as another cable, but this one is not going to fail. [...] So how much would you pay for it not to fail?"

"The durable wrap and colors give the stage some life with a blast of colors. No dirty lines is the Mood for Life! Get you a Marino!!!"


Dion Kerr

Bass Player / thesmoogiesband

Love these cables and definitely my favorite quality and look of any cables I have every tried. They last long and give me the sound and clear signal I'm looking for.

John Albrecht

Bassist & Keyboardist

Temecula, California

Justus West

Guitarist and Producer

Nashville, Tennessee

"I love the colors! Durability is top of the line and they really stand out and look professional on stage."

photo apr 15, 12 18 22 am.heic
Travis Dykes


Artist Played for: Stephen Day, Cece Winans,Colbie Caillat, Gone West, Eric Paslay, Carrie Underwood, Rachel Wammack, James Wilson, Charity Gayle, Jordy Seacy, Sarai Rivera and others...

Nashville, Tennessee

"Other than [my] Vertigo case, my current favorite piece of equipment is the Marino Customs cable looms. The looms enable me to have 5 cables packed into 2 for a clean and easy set up. On top of that, they are reliable and sound great (and look good too)."

"I started using Marino cables for the past few years almost everyday for recording and for touring. I'm really hard on cables because of my consistent everyday use of them, but ever sense I got cables from Marino I haven't had to replace or send back any cables for any reason. These are quality cables that will last you forever, if you take care of them"

Alfredo Lopez

​  Bassist for Frankie Valli & the Four Seasons and TV Show Tu-Night Con Omar Chaparro

Chile, South America

The first thing that came to my mind and ears when I used these cables was "WOW"......  as a Working Musician, when it comes to gear and like many artist I'm super picky about what I use. What I love about MC cables is that I can hear the lowest to the highest frequencies super crispy clear!! Wether it's a live show or laying down bass lines in the studio, Marino Custom Cables are the only one's I USE!!!

Miles Vargas

Guitarist and NAMM performer with Larry Kimpel and Richie Gajate Garcia

Orange County, California

"Like most players, I always had facts to consider when buying cables; I had a budget and the concern for reliability and a guarantee for warranty. Through the years I've tried a few high end cable manufacturers and through those years I've [...] found myself to never be truly satisfied. Since using Marino Customs Cables, all those fears have diminished with no compromise, so now I am truly able to say that I plug in and play with confidence!"


Sergio Acedo

Drummer / YouTuber

Stockton, California

Screenshot 2022-03-08 at 12.29.12 PM.png

Floyd "MUT3" Foster III


Fresno, California

After trying and purchasing other cables they just didn't work out for me. Finally I found Marino Custom Cables and I haven't looked anywhere else. These cables are extremly high quality cables. From there headphone extentions to there XLR's these are the real deal. MARINO FOR LIFE!!!!!

I've been to many different music stores and bought many different cables. Brand after brand... there was never any noticeable difference. I started to think that all cables were the same, until I got me a Marino Customs cable. The clarity, durability and the colors stand out but the "SILENT" end makes these cables a one of a kind.... Every musician NEEDS these cables... BUY IT!!!


Colton Duty

Guitarist / Producer

Little Rock, Arkansas


Julian Tabares

Keyboardist / MD / Producer

Laurel, Maryland

I've been using Marino cables for several years now and I'm a fan. When you're in the studio or traveling and can only take so much, make sure you're taking Marino Customs. They won't let you down.

Marino Customs Cables are the best audio cables I've ever used in all my days. There isn't a single music trip I take without bringing my cables with me. The clarity in the sound is second to none, amazing customer service and great people over all. So glad to be part of the MC family!


Aaron Castrillon

Drummer / YouTuber
    Content Creator

San Diego, CA


Luis Pacheco

Musician / YouTuber
Music Director for Job Gonzalez

Houston, TX

Marino makes the best cables, period!! I've been using the same Marino cables that I got years ago and they still work as good as when I first got them. Quality is amazing, the look is sleek and you can always count on them in the biggest stages, like so many great musicians already do.

I've been using Marino for years now and I'm blessed to be apart of the family. These have to be the best audio cables I've ever used. From using them on the road, studio, or church, Marino cables is the way to go. I have yet to see a Marino Cable go out on me. The build and quality is second to none!! Thank you Marino for keeping me PLUG IN WITH CONFIDENCE!!

photo may 25, 9 14 19 pm.jpg

David " Guitarist " Kim

Guitarist / Session Musician

Boston, MA


Jared Chontos

Drummer / Content Creator

 Teacher / YouTuber

Plano, TX

As a guitarist who's been around using 1/4" cables and patch cables from all sorts of companies, I am so pleased and impressed with the build-quality of Marino Customs! It not only has a great studiness to it's structure, but the finishing touch on the cable cover and cable connector also give it that noce flare you want on stage! P.S. You'll never get your cables mixed up in any productions :)

" As a content creator, the Vlog Cable is a game changer. It completely eliminates a step in editing (syncing up audio and video), so I am able to focus my energy on creating! These cables are rock solid. Can't recommend them enough!"



with Kurt & Colton

Little Rock, AR


Christopher "TANK" Franklin

Bassist for Jekalyn Carr

Memphis, TN

"When recording high quality conversations, high quality cables are a MUST!!!
We can take care of the podcast but if you need good cables, contact MARINO"


Frankie Taylor Jr.

Worship Leader / Musician 
Song Writer

Rialto, CA

" There is only one cable company that will allow me to document CLEAN audio in       multiple different aspects. Whatever you need, they can do it! "


Andrew Johnson

Drummer / Content Creator

Palmdale, CA

My unique sound and uplifting song writing style features a broad range of music genres. Weather I am in the studio recording Contemporary or Gospel music, I choose Marino Customs because they always have me "Plugged In with Confidence"


Jon David Sandez Jr.

Guitarist / Content Creator

San Diego, CA

Marino Customs really stands true to their motto "plug in with confidence." The Vlog Cable has held strong for over 3 years, giving me clear audio and allowing me to record content at the same time! If you're not running MC Cables, you're missing out!


Curt Buell

Piano Instructor / Producer / Songwriter & Composer

Kingsport, TN

For years I was fumbling around with different cables, and each one of them had their own problems. That was until I got my first MC cable, which after 6 years of using has continued to perform like new! The reliability and personalization of these cables is unmatched! If you're not currently using one of their cables, then what are you doing?! MC Fam for life!


Gabriel Torres

Bassist / MD

Laurel, MD

All my cables from Marino Customs have been reliable, of great quality, and just overall TOP ONE! Great quality cables while having the ability to add personality to them makes Marino Customs the ONLY way to go.


Isaac Hernandez Jr.

Musician (Guitarist/Drummer)

Whittier, CA

Marino Customs is my go-to company for cables whether I'm in the studio or on stage. I never leave home for a gig without my VLOG cable, and the Marino Customs stereo instrument cables are an integral part of my studio. Their customer service is top-notch, and the quality of their products are pristine! I couldn't be happier to be a part of the Marino Customs family!

Ji Nelson.jpeg

Ji Nelson

Musician / Producer / Writer

Midland, TX

There are cables, and then there are Marino Customs. The quality, look, and feel are unmistakable. Truly stable, creative cables for creative, professional musicians and producers.

As a musician who values the utmost quality in every aspect of my gear, Marino Customs has proven to be a game-changer. I've had my fair share of experiences with various cables, but none have come close to the exceptional standards set by Marino Customs. I have been a loyal customer due to their outstanding materials in their cables that results in minimal tonal loss. When I first got my cables from Marino Customs I immediately noticed a clarity and richness in the sound that surpassed my expectations. Marino Customs has earned my trust as a musician who only wants only the highest of quality.

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