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  • Q: Why doesn't my headphone extension work right?
    A: Check that your headphones are plugged all the way into the extension. It may be a snug fit, but this ensures a solid connection.
  • Q: How can I order a completely custom, totally rad cable?"
    A: Visit our Custom Orders page to see what we can do for you!
  • Q: The cable(s) I ordered came defective/no longer work correctly. What can I do?
    A: See our Warranty page for information about defective products.
  • Q: How do I get a sponsorship or endorsement deal with you guys?
    A: We are not making any sponsorship or endorsement deals at the moment. We are not legally tying ourselves to anyone nor anyone to us. We do love building strong relationships with our customers, however, so we'll do all we can to make sure you get the support you need!
  • Q: Do you ship internationally?
    A: We currently do, but unfortunately the cost to ship internationally is quite expensive for us. While we'd love to have our products world-wide, we understand if you can't justify the cost to get them there.
  • Q: Can I use my gift cards towards custom orders?
    Gift cards can only be redeemed towards in stock items on our online store. They can not be used for custom orders.
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