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VLOG Cable

VLOG Cable


Want to record your monitor mix WHILE still listening to your monitor mix? Look no further than the Marino Customs VLOG Cable! Our VLOG Cable provides two high quality outputs from your in-ear-monitor mix so that you can continue to monitor your sound and record it at the same time via an iRig or other device. 


Recommendation: If an iRig or such like device is used, we suggest the TRS 1/4inch connector. 


It's made up of two separate cables: one ending in a 3.5mm(1/8inch) headphone jack and the other ending in either a TRS 3.5mm(1/8inch) plug or a TRS 1/4inch plug. Both of these cables come together at the other end in a 1/4inch plug, which then goes to your monitor. You will have the same freedom you would have with the standard Marino Customs Headphone Extension, as well as have ample length to reach your recording device since the cables only come together at one end!


As with all MC cables, a tough nylon sleeve protects the cable and with all of the colors we offer, you can pick one to fit your tastes and make a statement.


***If selecting a different color for the cable to Plug 3, the color choice selected from the dropdown option will be used for the cable to Plug 2. If no other color is specified for Plug 3, the dropdown selection will be used for both.***

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